Zan Zan, The little Amigurumi Doll

I made this doll last night using the pattern i made last year. This pattern is very easy and simple. Zan Zan is about 14 cm tall. When i wanted to share something on my blog i remembered about this pattern. My English is not good, but i try as best as i can to make you understand. I hope you will love this doll too... Enjoy the pattern.
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Sc: Single crochet   
ch: Chain
St: Stitch
Inc : increase
Dec: decrease
sl st : slip stitch
special stitch ( sp st): 3hdc together in same stitch
MR: magic ring
F/O: Fasten off

2 mm crochet hook
Polyester  yarn in various colors (cream, dark gray, dark brown, orange, and white), dark brown wool to make hair, black yarn for sewing eyebrow, red yarn for sewing mouth
Needle for sewing

Using cream
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: 2sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R5: 3sc, inc, rep 6x (30)
R6: 4sc, inc, rep 6x (36)
R7-12: sc around
R13: 4sc, dec, rep 6x (30)
R14: 3sc, dec, rep 6x (24)
R15: 2sc, dec, rep 6x (18)
Stuff the head
R16: sc, dec, rep 6x (12)

Legs and Body:
1st leg:
Using dark brown
R1: 2ch, starting from the second ch from the hook, 6sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: sc around
R5: 6 dec, 6sc (12)
R6: 3 dec, 6sc (9)
CC to cream
R7: sc around
Stuff the bottom of the leg
R8-15: sc around
CC to dark grey
R16-17: sc around
F/O leave long tail

2nd leg:
Work as given for First Leg. Do not fasten off. Cont as follows for Body:
Join the 2nd and 1st leg by using slip stitch. Now we have 18 stitch in total
R18: sc around (18)
Pull out the yarn from the first leg for sewing through the hole between the legs after body is done and stuffed.
R19-21: sc around
CC to cream
R22-26: sc around
R27: sc, dec, rep 6x (12)
R28-29: sc around
F/O leaving long tail for sewing
Sew the hole between its legs nicely.

Hands (make2):
Using cream
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 4 sc
R2: inc around (8)
R3: 6 sc, sp st, sc (8)
R4-9: sc around
stuff then CC to orange
R10-13: sc around
F/O leaving long tail

Using Orange
R1: Using MR, 18 sc (don't close MR completely)
R2: sc around
R3: 2sc, inc, rep 6 x (24)
R4: sc around
R5: 3sc, inc, re 6x (30)
R6: sc around
R7: 4sc, inc, rep 6x (36)
R8-14: sc around
R15: 5sc, inc, rep 6x (42)
R16: sc around
CC to white
R17: sc around

Using green
R1: ch 5, join last ch to 1st chain to make ring
R2: 2ch, 2 dc, 2ch, sl st, rep this step 5 x

Using orange
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc around (12)
R3: sc,inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: 2sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R5: 3sc, inc, rep 6x (30)
R6: 4sc, inc, rep 6x (36)
R7-9: sc around
R10: 5sc, inc, rep 6x (42)
R11: sc around
CC to white
R12: sl st, 1ch, sl st, rep around
Using dark brown wool yarn. Cut pieces of yarn to the size of 11 cm.
Take 13 strings of yarn then tied together in the center. I used 7 tied pieces of yarn for making my zan zan's hair.

Put the dress over the body then sew body to the head.
Sew the dress nicely to its body.
Sew or glue flower to the dress.
Sew the hands to its body.
Sew the hair on the head one by one. Make sure all of them are placed in the center of the head without leaving any space.
Add eyes to its face then use black yarn to make its eyebrow.
Sew the mouth to its face by using a little red yarn.
Neat the hair. Cut the hair until it have same length.
Put on the hat to its head.

The doll is ready now.

This pattern is made by me, Zan Merry. Don’t reprint it to your site or blog. You can sale the doll that you’ve made from this pattern but not the pattern. If you find some mistakes in this pattern, please tell me.Thanks.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing the pattern. It was easy to follow.

  2. Good morning! I'm making this now, and she's such fun, but you do have round 3 written twice. Just thought I'd mention it. Will be finished with her this morning and will list it on ravelry! I changed a few things to make her into something else. :)

    1. Thank you... i have deleted it :D
      I am gonna wait your doll... please share to me...

  3. Do you have an Instagram Page? I wanted to tag you on there but can't find you. Thank you.

    1. i don't have Instagram page.. but you can share to me on my Facebook page if you have FB account..

  4. I don't have facebook. But I did post it on Ravelry too. There's a childrens show called Sarah and Duck. I made your Zan Zan into Sarah!

    1. I've seen your doll.. she is so cute... I love her... thank you for sharing to me... i also request her as a featured photo on Ravelry ... :)

  5. Terima kasih mbak Zan.....