Lady Ant

Pattern designer: Benang Merah Crochet (IG: benangmerah_crochet)

You have permission to selling the finish product but not to selling the pattern.
This pattern is FREE due to of Amigurumi Pattern Contest in FB Group “Belajar Amigurumi Bareng Yuk”.

Materials :
Yarn : Red, Black, Light Yellow, White or Baby Pink, Green
Hook Tulip Etimo No. 5 and No. 3 for the eyes
Tapestry Needle for sewing
Wire or Pipe Cleaner
Polyester fiber fill
Sewing Pins
Felt / Flanel
Flower decoration or button for accessories

Abbreviations (US crochet terms)
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease (use inv decrease)
slst = slip stitch
CC = change color

Note: Work in continuous round

(Red Yarn)
R1:  Magic ring 6sc (6)
R2:  sc around (6)
R3: inc in each stitch  (12)
R4: sc around(12)
R5: (1 sc, inc)* repeat 6x (18)
R6: (2 sc,inc)* repeat 6x (24)
R7: sc around (24)
R8: (3 sc, inc)* repeat 6x (30)
R9: (4 sc, inc)* repeat 6x (36)
R10: sc around (36)
R11: (5 sc, inc) * repeat 6x (42)
R12: (6 sc, inc)* repeat 6x (48)
R13: sc around (48)
R14: (7 sc, inc)* repeat 6x (54)
R15-26: sc around
R27: (7 sc, dec)* repeat 6x (48)
R28: sc around
R29: (6 sc, dec)* repeat 6x (42)
R30: sc around
R31: (5 sc, dec)* repeat 6x (36)
R32: (4 sc, dec)* repeat 6x (30)
R33: (3 sc, dec)* repeat 6x (24)
R34: (2 sc, dec)* repeat 6x(18)
R35: (1sc, dec)* repeat 6x (12)
R36: Decrease 6x,
Finish Off
(Red Yarn)
R1:  Magic ring 6sc 6
R2: inc all stitch (2sc in each stitch) 12
R3: (1sc, inc)*repeat 6x 18
R4: (2sc, inc)*repeat 6x 24
R5: (3sc,inc)*repeat 6x 30
R6-19: sc around
R20: (3sc, dec)*repeat 6x (24)
R21: (2sc, dec)*repeat 6x (18)
R22: (1sc, dec)*repeat 6x (12)
R23: Decrease 6x.
Finish Off, Leave long tail for sewing

(Red Yarn) 
R1: Magic ring 6sc (6)
R2: Inc in all stitch (12)
R3: (1 sc,inc)*repeat 6x (18)
R4: (2 sc,inc)*repeat 6x (24)
R5: (3 sc,inc)*repeat 6x (30)
R6: (4 sc,inc)*repeat 6x (36)
R7: (5 sc,inc)*repeat 6x (42)
R8-17: sc around
R18: (5 sc,dec)*repeat 6x 36
R19: sc around
R20: (4 sc,dec)*repeat 6x (30)
R21-22: sc around
R23: (3 sc,dec)*repeat 6x (24)
R24: sc around
R25: (2 sc,dec)*repeat 6x (18)
R26: (1 sc,dec)*repeat 6x (12)
R27: Decrease 6x,
Finish Off, Leave long tail for sewing

LEGS (make 2)
(Light Yellow Yarn)
R1: Magic ring 6sc (6)
R2: Inc in all sts (12)
R3: sc around
R4: (1 sc,inc)*repeat 6x (18)
R5-10: sc around
R11: (1sc,dec)*repeat 6x (12)
R12: sc around
R13: 4sc, dec, 4sc, dec (10)
R14: (CC to Black Yarn) 3 sc, dec, 3 sc,dec (8)
R15-29: sc around
sl st in last stitch
Finish Off. Insert the wire/pipe cleaner, leave long tail for sewing.
DON’T FORGET to bend the wire.

ARMS (make 2)
(Black Yarn)
R1:  Magic ring 6sc 6
R2: Inc in each sts (12)
R3: sc around
R4: 4 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec (10)
R5: 3 sc, dec, 3 sc, dec (8)
R6-21: sc around
sl st in last st
Finish Off and Do not stuffing. Insert the wire/pipe cleaner, leave long tail
for sewing. DON’T FORGET to bend the wire.

ANTENNAS (make 2)
(Red Yarn)
R1:  Magic ring 6sc (6)
R2: Inc in all sts (12)
R3: sc all stitch 12
R4: Decrease 6x (6)
R5-9: (CC to Black Yarn) sc around
sl st in last st
Finish off. Leave long tail for sewing.

EYES (make 2)
R1. (Red Yarn) Magic ring 6sc 6
R2. (CC to Baby Pink/White Yarn) Inc in all stitches (12)
R3. (1sc,inc)*repeat 6x (18)
R4. 3 sc, 3 hdc, 6 dc, 3 hdc, 3sc (18)
R5. (Change with Black Yarn) sl st around
Leave long tail for sewing, then sew a little in the center of eyes.

Chain 7, dc in the second chain
Dc all chain
Chain 2 turn
Dc all stitch
Chain 2 turn
Dc all stitch
Keep going until reach the size/long that you want.

Use sewing pins to put the part together and sew it.
Sew thorax on abdomen
Sew head on thorax
Sew the legs about half of its long to keep it stick to body.
Sew the arms on its thorax
 Sew the eyes and antennas on head
Glue flet to make a blush near its eyes.
Add scarf

This pattern is an original by Benang Merah Crochet (IG: benangmerah_crochet)
I have a permission to share this pattern in my zan crochet blog, so please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link this pattern but please do not reprint it to your site or share it in a pdf or picture format.

You may keep a copy of this pattern for personal use but you may not sell the pattern. You can sell the items that you made from this pattern as you credit Benang Merah Crochet as the designer.

Please leave comment if you have a question or find any mistake in this pattern. 


  1. This is totally Adorable!! I plan to make one for my granddaughter after the holidays. :)

  2. Bonjour,
    En un mot MAGNIFIQUE

    je regarde la facilité ! si je peux le faire merci à vous pour le partage bravo !

  3. Banjak terima kasih untuk pattern jang lucu dan cantik Zan Merry. Salam manis An di Holland