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This heart is so easy. I use to make this heart for key chain. No need much time to make it. I hope you can enjoy the pattern...Happy crocheting...
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Materials needed:
Yellow yarn (or  colour you like)
2 mm crochet hook
Polyester fiberfill
Needle for sewing

sc = single crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease
sl st = slip stitch
R= round
st : stitch
FO = fasten off
Note: This project is working in continuous rounds, do not join or turn unless otherwise stated. Mark first stitch of each round.  

Side (make 2):
yellow yarn
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: 2sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R5: sc around
Don't fasten off the second side, join the last st of second side and the last st of first side with sl st.
The slip stitch will be counted as 2 stitches (front and back) for next round so we will have 50 stitches.
R6: sc around (50)
R7: 8sc, dec, rep 5x (45)
R8: 7sc, dec, rep 5x (40)
R9: sc around
R10: 6sc, dec, rep 5x (35)
R11: 5sc, dec, rep 5x (30)
R12: sc around
R13: 4sc, dec, rep 5x (25)
R14: 3sc, sc, rep 5x (20)
R15: sc around
R16: 2sc, dec, rep 5x (15)
R17: sc, dec, rep 5x (10)
R18: dec, rep 5x

If you want to make a keychain from this heart, leave long tail when you F/O the yarn then put the yarn to the middle of the sides of heart, add keychain

This pattern is made by me, Zan Merry. Don’t reprint it to your site or blog. You can sale the ami that you’ve made from this pattern but not the pattern. If you find some mistakes in this pattern, please tell me.Thanks.


  1. Good Morning Zan

    I have a question about your instructions. I am working on the cute rabbis and when you say " rep 6x (12) do you mean that i am support to do the row of 12 6 times?
    Silly questions but I free hand all my project without patterns so i don't know how to follow. carmen

  2. Hai Carmen
    Like in R2: inc, rep 6x (12) it means that u have to do increase 6 times so the count of R2 will be 12 stitches (12 sc)

  3. Thank u so much for sharing ����