My Crochet - Bicycle Vase

This was an amigurumi that i just made. The idea was from the vase that i saw in the mall. It's just a simple vase but the price is so expensive, so that's why i wanted to make my own crochet bicycle vase . Then I searched the picture on google and tried to apply it into crochet.

my bicycle vase

The vase was finished yesterday, but i need to make one more bicycle to check my pattern.
The pattern will be available on my blog as soon as i finish my second bicycle. I hope you can be patient in waiting my pattern :D
You can find the pattern here

my idea from google

I needed several days to make this vase into a complete bicycle. Even it's not a perfect one, but i  satisfied with my job :D

unfinished bicycle
Beside it can be used as vase, this bicycle also can be used as mobile phone holder or pencil holder.

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