Amigurumi Christmas Tree

I love Christmas tree. That's why I share this pattern to you who celebrate Christmas. This free amigurumi pattern tree is so easy to crochet. You can add crochet chain on the top of this tree to hang it on your "real" Christmas tree. Just try this pattern, and I'll be glad if you share your amigurumi using this pattern to me. Happy Crocheting!! 
Materials needed:
Yarn in dark green, white and brown
2 mm crochet hook
Polyester fiberfill
Stitch marker for working in the round
Needle for sewing
Beads in various colors

sc = single crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
r = round
BLO = back loops only
FO = fasten off
CC = change color

Note: This project is working in continuous rounds. Mark first stitch of each round.

Using brown yarn
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: Work in BLO sc around (18)
R5-6: sc around
R7: dec, 4 sc, rep 3x (15)
R8: sc around
F/O leave a long tail for sewing

Using dark green and white
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, sc, rep 3x (9)
R3: inc, 2sc, rep 3x (12)
R4: sc around
R5: inc, 3sc, rep 3x (15)
R6: sc around
R7: inc, 4sc, rep 3x, (18)
R8: sc around
R9: 2sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R10: sc around
R11: 3sc, inc, rep 6x (30)
R12: Work in BLO sc around
R13-14: sc around
R15: 4sc, inc, rep 6x (36)
R16: sc around
R17: Work in BLO sc around
R18-19: sc around
R20: Work in BLO, sc around
R21: 4sc, dec, rep 6x (30)
R22: 3sc, dec, rep 6x (24)
R23: 2sc, dec, rep 6x (18)
Stuff the tree
R24: sc, dec, rep 6x (12)
R25: dec, rep 6x (6)
Sew trunk to tree before we continue the next steps. See the picture below.
Then we continue crochet next round, starting from the first front loop of R19.
R26: sc arund (36)
R27: 5sc, inc, rep 6x (42)
R28: sc around
R29: (*ch1, skip 2 st, 5dc, skip 2 st, sl st), rep * 7x, (now you have 7 shell stitches)
CC to white
R30: (*sl st to the same st of R28 that u made in R29, 2sc, inc, 2sc), rep * around
R31: Using green, working in front loop of R11, (*ch1, skip 2 st, 5dc, skip 2 st, sl st), rep * 5x (5 shell stitches)
R32:  CC to white, (*sl st to the same st of R11 that u made in R31, 2sc, inc, 2sc), rep * around
R33: Using green, workin in front loop of  R16, (*ch1, skip 2 st, 5dc, skip 2 st, sl st), rep * 6x (6 shell stitches)
R34: CC to white, (*sl st to the same st of R16 that u made in R33, 2sc, inc, 2sc), rep * around
Your Christmas tree will be like this

Using yellow yarn
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 5 sc
R2: 4ch, sl st in the  second chain from hook, sc, hdc, sl st, rep 5x
F/O leaving long tail for sewing

- Sew the star on the top of tree
- Sew various colors of beads to the tree as many as you like.

Now You have finished your Christmas tree. I hope you like it....
This free amigurumi Christmas tree pattern is made by me, Zan Merry. Don’t reprint it to your site or blog. You can post the ami that you made from my pattern to your blog, forum or social media, but please link me as a designer.
You can sale the ami that you’ve made from this pattern but not the pattern. If I made a mistake when wrote this pattern, please leave a comment so i can edit it. Thanks


  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a sweet pattern I plan on crocheting these little amigurumi Christmas trees for next year's Christmas tree.

  2. I love this pattern! I'm going to make this tree for my daughter's doll house.

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely pattern! I just finished mine. I also crocheted the christmas balls for decoration too! Merry Christmas!!

  4. Grazie per il modello. Lo sto facendo proprio ora. 😁

  5. Thank for the cute pattern. I’m going to add tiny lights and make it into a fascinator.

  6. What does the down arrow in picture 3 of the sewing section mean?

  7. Certainly going to make two of these for my gran daughters. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Is there a video? I'm confused on the front loop of round 19.