Little Girl

This little doll is about 11 cm tall. The original pattern is a hijab girl but can be modification to be a girl without hijab.
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Untuk versi Bahasa Indonesia, kamu bisa klik disini.
Dutch version: kleine meisjes

sc: single crochet    
ch: chain
St: Stitch
inc : increase
dec: decrease
sl st : slip stitch
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
dc inc: two dc in same stitch
F/O: Fasten off
CC : change color
BLO: back loop only
R: Round
Rep:  repeat

2 mm crochet hook
Yarn in various colors (skin color , black color for hair and any color for her dress)
Needle for sewing
Small black beads for eyes

Note: Work in continuous round

Feet and Legs (make 2):
Use blue
Ch 4
Work in both sides of chains
R1: sc in second chain from hook, sc in next st,  3 sc in the corner, sc in next st, 2 sc in last st (8)
R2: inc, sc, [inc = 3x], sc, [inc = 2x] (14)
R3: sc around
R4: 3 sc, [dec = 4x], 3 sc (10)
R5:  3 sc, [dec=2x], 3 sc (8)
CC to skin color
R6-12: sc around

In next round we’re going to crochet both legs together
R13: CC color to light blue, sc around in 2nd legs sts, sc in 1st leg sts (you can join in any stitch of 1st leg as long as you are sure that both legs in good position) (16)
R14-15: sc around
R16: BLO, sc around
R17-18: sc around
R19: 2 sc, dec, rep 4x (12)
R20: sc, dec, rep 4x (8)
R21-22: CC to skin color, sc around
Continue the round to make head

R23:inc, rep 8x (16)
R24: sc, inc, rep 8x (24)
R25: 2 sc, inc, rep 8x (32)
R26-31: sc around
R32: 2 sc, dec, rep 8x (24)
R33: 2 sc, dec, rep 6x (18)
R34: sc, dec, rep 6x (12)
Add more stuff if needed
R35: dec, rep 6x (6)

Arms (make 2):
Use skin color
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: sc around
CC to light blue
R3-9: sc around
Give a little stuff
F/O leaving a long tail for sewing. Sew the hand to body.

Start in front loop of R15
Use light blue
R1: sc around, sl st to first st (16)
R2: ch 3 (count as 1st dc), dc inc, [dc, dc inc = rep 7x], sl st to first st (24)
R3: ch 3, dc, dc inc, [2 dc, dc inc = rep 7x], sl st to first st (32)
R4: ch 3, 2 dc, dc inc, [3 dc, dc inc = rep 7x], sl st to first st (40)
R5: ch 3, 3 dc, dc inc, [4 dc, dc inc = rep 7x], sl st to first st (48)
R6: ch 3, dc in next 47 st, sl st to first st (48)
CC to yellow
R7: sc around

Use blue
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: 2 sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R5: 2 sc, inc, rep 8x (32)
R6-10: sc around
R11: 4 sc, 1 hdc, 22 dc, 1 hdc, 4 sc (32)Put the hijab on head
R12: 3 sc, ch 6, sc in 29th st of R11, sc in next 2 sts (12) (chain sts position are in front of the neck)
R13: sc around (12)
R14: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R15: 2 sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R16: 3 sc, inc, rep 6x (30)
R17: 4 sc, inc, rep 6x (36)
R18: CC to yellow, sc around

Attach eyes on head.
Sew nose or mouth.
Add accessories on hijab or skirt (optional) 
You can add one more round by sc in all R11 sts by using contrasting color.

Hair/Part 1:
Use black
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: 2 sc, inc, rep 6x (24)
R5: 2 sc, inc, rep 8x (32)
R6-12: sc around
F/O leaving a long tail for sewing

Part 2/curly hair:
Use black; make 2 or more according how many you need it
Ch 20
R1: starting from second chain from hook, inc in each sts
F/O leaving a long tail for sewing

Sew the 1st part of hair on head.
Sew the curly part on 1st part of hair. You can sew the curly hair on bottom side, on the middle  or in right and left side of head.
Add accessories if you like

Hand color modification:
See hand pattern.
R1-6: use skin color
R7-9: use cloth color

Skirt: For shorter skirt, just crochet the skirt until R3. Add more one round by crocheting sc in each sts, use contrasting color.

This pattern (a hijab girl) is made by Shithi Sofwan, the modification parts made by admin Team of Facebook group Belajar Amigurumi Bareng yukk that have had permission from its designer to give a little modification to the original pattern. This lithe girl (Hijab Girl) pattern has had permission from the owner to be shared publicly in Belajar amigurumi blog for Indonesian version and Zan crochet blog for English version.
Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you want to share this pattern, just share the link of this blogsite and do not share it in picture, pdf version or rewrite on any other site or blog. You may save the copy of this pattern for personal use only. You are permitted to sell the items that you make from this pattern as you credit Shithi Shofwan as a designer. It’s forbidden to sell this pattern.


  1. These are SO CUTE!!! I can't wait to try to make one (Or!!) for my little girl! Thank you for sharing your patterns! <3 =)

  2. Gracias por compartir, eres muy amable. Saludos desde México!

  3. I'm a little confused by the hand bit. Do I start out crocheting six into one stitch?